Troubleshooting: Login 'Session Expired'

Troubleshooting 'Session Expiry'

In cases where you might be experiencing login problems and an error message of

'Your session has expired' comes up, please consider the following - 

Out of sync clocks (with our Servers) may cause issues with Security Certificates, preventing successful logins.

To resolve this, please ensure the clock on your machine is correctly set to the internet time.  The following website will give you an accurate feedback as to how accurate your machine clock is -

alternatively;  (WCAG 2.0 compatible)


We would recommend for you to review and run through the above checks to make changes and updates where necessary.

Where this is still unsuccessful, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Desk and we can follow up with a further investigation.

Note: you can also double-check the access to your account by login on from a different device.


Kind regards,
Magnr Support Team


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