Direct-Market-Access and Order Price

Direct Market Access

Trades placed through Magnr Trading Platform are facilitated through Direct-Market-Access (DMA), and are executed as Orders directly on the nominated Exchange Order Book.

Since trades are placed directly with the chosen exchange, once executed, orders are irreversible and cannot be pulled back from the exchange.

With orders placed with each exchange, Magnr's trading engine does not in any way affect the returned price.

Where you may see a small difference between the expected price of a trade (Button Price), and the price the trade actually executes at (Open Price), this is referred to as the Slippage.  



Order Prices will be filled at a best execution price on the exchange order book.  The return of an actual trade execution price (Open Price), although extremely fast, is always subject to the time it takes for the exchange to match and fill your trade position on the open market.  Slippage can occur when placing an Open or Close order for a trade.

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