What are the Minimum and Maximum Trade Sizes that can be placed?

Q. What are the Minimum and Maximum Trade Sizes that can be placed?

A. Our Minimum and Maximum Trade Sizes are as follows -

Minimum Trade Size 

Min. Position Size = 0.02 BTC / $ 17.8 (see slider)
- equates to Minimum Trade Deposit (Investment) of ~ $ 2 (at 10:1 Leverage).


Maximum Trade Size

Max. Position Size (BTC) = 10 BTC / $ 9,591 (see slider)
- equates to Maximum Trade investment of ~ $ 1150 (at 10:1 Leverage).



All values quoted are an approximation, and should only be used as a guideline. Precise values will vary with the changing price of bitcoin.

Deposit/investment values will vary depending on the leverage being applied.

Bitcoin Price - Jan 2017

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