Troubleshooting: Error Message - 'Invalid Token'

Two-Factor-Authentication not working

In instances of TFA not working, this may be down to several factors, but primarily -

  • accuracy of the Time on your Two-Factor Device (mobile phone or tablet).

We would advise checking that the time setting on your device is set to Auto; to ensure the clock is either synchronised with your Mobile Network Operator or the Internet.

Where the time on your TFA Device is different from our server (UTC), by ±5 seconds, then Two-Factor Authentication will not be successful. To check the time difference against official atomic clocks, please visit on both your TFA Device and the Computer or Device you are using to log in.

alternatively;  (WCAG 2.0 compatible)

Other Best Practises

In the interest of ensuring a clean Web session, it is also recommended to do the following:-

  • Renew Browser Session by logging out and back in again.
  • Clear Browser History, Cache and Cookies.
  • Where possible, log in from a different browser.

Submit a Support Ticket

If after carrying out the above checks you are still having issues, then you can contact us to investigate further through a Support Ticket.  

We can disable the two factor authentication to allow you to re-access your account.

In such case, could you also clarify for us the following below so that we can log these possible dependant issues:
- what devices you are using - Make/Model of Phone and Operating system version?
- associated Browser you're logging in with.

Many thanks,

Magnr Support

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