Stop Loss (Trailing) - Setting

Advanced Trading Options

A Trailing Stop will follow the Market Price at a predetermined distance as it moves in your favour

If the market direction reverses and the price* reaches the specified threshold (margin), a Trailing Stop Loss Order is triggered to cap the reversal, preventing further profit loss.

A Trade Close Order is executed at the first available price on the exchange order book.

Stop Loss Adjustment (Trailing)


Setting the Trailing Stop Loss Margin
Tick the Trailing box to enable, then simply over-type the Trailing amount in the field box to customise your stop price as indicated in the Sell | Buy button. Remember that the figure in the box is the Stop Loss amount - not the Stop Price.

Stop Loss Orders are applied in the following scenarios:  

Buy Trade: reaching/exceeding the Trailing Amount during a falling Market

Sell Trade: reaching/exceeding the Trailing Amount during a rising Market

* Exchange price needs to be held for a minimum of 2 seconds in order to trigger auto-liquidate.

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