Walk-Through Guide: Closing a Trade Position


Having executed a Trade, the Position moves in your favour due to the a corresponding move in the Market Price

You decide to claim the profits you have gained during this time.

1. Ending the Trade (Liquidate)

  • simply click the trade Liquidate button in the Trade Summary Box to close out your position.

  • Trade Engine executes a Market Close Order at the Exchange.


  • Trade Liquidating - Profit/Loss calculations are performed.

Note: Trade Liquidations may take up to 2 minutes before a position has fully reconciled.

2. Position is Reconciled 

Trade Close Fee is applied, Position Profit/Loss calculations are performed, initial Deposit is returned 

The displayed Net Value takes into account trade deposits against all live open positions.

Net Value Before reconciliation

Net Value After reconciliation

Balance and Net Values will equalise with no open trades or pending reconciliations.

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