User Interface - Overview

Overview of the User Interface

We've move things around with this latest version of the User Interface.  With added information and functionality, the interface features have now been organised onto tabs for easy navigation and viewing.

Tabs along show the following:

ACCOUNT BALANCE and NET BALANCE are shown on the upper bar.

  • Tour - introductory walk-through of main features when you first sign-in.
  • Trade Screen - main Trading Screen (default).
  • User Dashboard - for personal account information and settings.
  • Help Center - links to our Help Center | Knowledge Base | Customer Support
  • About us - about


EXCHANGES: list of available exchanges for which you can trade from. Choose an exchange by clicking on it.

PRICE CHART: Selecting a different exchange changes the price chart shown. You have the ability to customise and plot Real-Time Indicators, enabling you to make more timely trades and ensure better Risk Management.

ORDER BOOK | TRADES: This is the real-time feed from the live exchange order book.


TRADE TAB: Adjust the size of your position here.  All fees are displayed here up-front, and before you place a trade.

ADVANCED TAB: On the Advanced tab, you can adjust your Leverage, Stop Margin and Sell Limit.

When you're ready to trade, click the Buy or Sell Button from the Trade Tab.

POSITIONS: list of all your Open Positions

ORDERS: lists any open orders being executed out to an exchange.

HISTORY: a history of all your previous trades.


DEPOSIT | WITHDRAWAL: for viewing your Account Address and making Withdrawal transfers.

NOTIFICATIONS: Every time you perform an action a confirmation message will appear here.


June 2015

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