Schedule of Fees and Charges

- Deposit Fee:              zero

- Withdrawal Fee

  • Magnr Trading:  zero
  • Magnr Savings:  0.2% Transaction Fee


- Trade Open Fee:       0.45 % (of Position Size)

- Trade Close Fee:       0.45 % (of Position Size)

- Daily Funding Fee:    0.30 % (of Position Size)

   click here further information on Daily Funding Fee


Further Notes:

Trade Open Fee is deducted from your account balance on opening a trade.

Trade Close Fee is incorporated and deducted from the trade deposit when a trade position is closed.

- Gap Loss: zero (Magnr Trading covers Gap Loss)

- Volatility Multiplier: 20% (lowers the effective Leverage; based on volatility)

- Execution Type: DMA Direct Market Access (best market execution applies)



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