What is Leveraged Trading?

We use Leverage to maximise your market exposure, giving you the potential to multiply profits with a relatively small investment.  

You are only required to deposit a small percentage of the overall value of each Trade Position. 

Based on the value of your deposit (calculated from your selected Position Size), our Trading Platform will execute an Open Order leveraged at one of the following...

10:1  |  5:1  |  2:1

Our Multiple Leverage options provide a choice for those individuals who have a varying risk appetite towards hedging their Positions in the market.

Heres a comparison table -

Risk Factor

It is important that as well as magnifying Trade Gains, Losses can be similarly multiplied.

Please consider these risks when Trading with Leverage.

For beginners, our recommendation is to begin trading at a low risk leverage option to become more familiar with our Trading Platform, before moving onto the higher risk/higher return options.

Losses and Limits

Where losses occur, our Trading Platform imposes Trade Stops to prevent your losses ever exceeding your initial Trade Deposit.  With our Stop features, you will never be in a situation of owing funds to Magnr as a result of the market moving against your trade position.

Cost of using Leverage Service

Since the additional funds required to facilitate leveraged trades are taken from our private trading reserves, there is a fee charged against using this borrowing service.

This is referred to as the Daily Interest Fee. The service is free during the first 24 hours, however, is then charged at each following 24 hours.  

Click on the following link for a full explanation and conditions for the fee.

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