Security Reporting and Statement


To show our appreciation for white hat hackers and security researchers, we offer a Bitcoin Bug-Bounty Program.  To become a Security Tester for Magnr, sign up to Cobalt (formerly Crowdcurity) here -

Please submit all Security Reports through Cobalt.

Where more supporting information is required to be added, please send us a separate email via our Support Center referencing the Cobalt Report. Our Technical Team will tie these together.

Reports submitted by email only:

We cannot guarantee these will be reviewed as priority; nor will necessarily result in payouts due to duplications (in Cobalt).

Researcher Vetting and Verification (Cobalt Requirement)

In the interest of meeting certain requirements for quality and standards, please ensure you also read up on the following - 


Customer Trade Accounts

Further to our commitment to Client Security; we do not run a Hot Wallet (or equivalent Bitcoind) in our infrastructure.

All Customer Funds are kept in Offline Vaults


Magnr actively encourages responsible disclosure.

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