Magnr Trading - Product Description

What is Magnr Trading?

Magnr Trading is a powerful platform that allows you to make Leveraged Directional Trades on the value of Bitcoin.

Trade Positions are placed directly out to market in BTC. Deposits and Payouts are all made in Bitcoin only; removing the need to exchange and handle fiat balances through our Service.

How do I profit?

Profit from the market price movement of Bitcoin by placing the right trade

Enter a BUY Trade to go 'Long' during a price rise (Buy low, sell at a higher price)
Enter a SELL Trade to go 'Short' during a price fall (Sell high, buy at a lower price)

Platform Main Features

  • Trade Positions are placed in BTC
  • All Payouts are made in BTC
  • Leveraged Trading for geared returns
  • No USD or other Fiat Currency Balance is required
  • No Margin maintenance is required. All tradeable funds are managed in house
  • No Margin Calls to manage
  • Direct Market Access - order execution is placed directly on the exchange open market, under the BTC|USD currency pairing
  • Manage multiple positions across multiple Exchanges on one interface
  • Clients losses are limited to no more than their initial trade investment (Deposits/Collateral) *
  • Our Offline Wallet Storages ensure secure Bitcoin balances

* where positions are automatically stopped-out (as a result of market price moving against the trade position).

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