Security Tips

At Magnr we take the issue of account security very seriously, and is why we employ a strict security process where movement of funds are required. This however is only part of the solution.

To help us to ensure the security of your account, the responsibility is also down to you as an individual, and how securely you conduct your online activities. Here are some basic tips to help keep your account safe:

Your Password

  • Always pick a strong password, using a combination of at least six characters or more.
  • Use punctuation marks like !, *, etc.
  • Passwords should not be the same as other passwords you have used previously on another site.
  • Regularly change your password. 
  • Never share your password with someone you do not know or trust.

Your email account

  • Make sure your email account is secure.
  • Change the passwords for all of your email accounts and make sure that no two are the same.

Online activity

  • Avoid using a public computer, as this can potentially keep you logged in, even after you close the browser window or tab.
  • Always check the links you receive from emails.  Never click on suspicious links.

If you suspect someone has access to your account

  • As a matter of urgency, change your password.
  • Report any suspicious account activity to the Magnr Help and Support Team the moment you become aware.

Security Tools

Password Managers

A password management solution like 'LastPass' or 'Dashlane' can help effectively generate strong passwords and manage them across all your online accounts -

Enable Two-Factor Authentication
For improved security, and especially where the management of funds are concerned we strongly recommend activating your Two-Factor Authentication.

Here are two solutions you may wish to consider -
- Google Authenticator -
- Authy App -



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